Freight Exchange

Seecargo is an international platform that helps carriers find cargo to be transported and exporters or importers find trucks to transport their cargo. For our customers, this means they can solve their logistics challenges with Seecargo in smartest way, secure and simple way.


We have an advanced system of cooperation and cargo notifications. We want to offer the best services and be the first choice among our customers. Our goal is to achieve secure and sustainable partnerships.


Meeting the requirements and services of customers in the maximum quality with us is done through an efficient and modern service. Integrity, dedication and responsibility are the main pillars for the realization of our mission. Our strategic priority is to strengthen relationships with customers and with public and private partners.

Our staff of employees will perform the most perfect services to customers shown of precision, and advanced experience.


No software installation operates as a website and does not require the installation of additional software. This means it is available anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device. We have an extremely friendly and easy to use site


Security controls included

We manually check all registered companies, companies that register with false data will be deleted from our system and can not be registered again.



Seecargo’s field of statistics is the science of learning from data. Statistical knowledge helps you use the right methods to collect data, use accurate analysis, and present results effectively. Statistical analysis is used in almost all areas to understand the vast amount of data that is available. Even if the field of statistics is not your main field of study, it can help you make an impact in your chosen field.


24/7 Support

All of our Seecargo users are monitored by our Team 24/7 . They have undergone extensive training to ensure that they can provide the best service possible and deal with a number of emergency situations. The Seecargo team is available 365 days a year and are directly connected to Clients

Time management

Save time by managing your activities efficiently.
Load your disposable truck and find your next load

Quick offers

eceive prompt offers from reliable partners, with the ability to communicate with each other and reach an agreement in real time.

Reasonable costs

Gradual increase in turnover through contact with a fast and secure growing business network.

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