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Freight Exchange

Seecargo is an international platform that helps carriers find cargo to be transported and exporters or importers find trucks to transport their cargo. For our customers, this means they can solve their logistics challenges with Seecargo in smartest way, secure and simple way.

you have loads to transport?

Via our platform, companies can search and find the variety of all transport services anytime and anywhere. We offer you reliable cooperation in logistics!

you have a truck?

With Seecargo you’ll always have safe and correct activities, save time and money while leading efficiently your activities. Upload your available truck and find new loads!


Security controls included

We manually check all registered companies, companies that register with false data will be deleted from our system and can not be registered again.

Serious partner

Gain fast offerts from trusted partners, with the ability to communicate with each other and achieve agreement at real time.

Advanced system

We have an advanced system of cooperation and load notifications.

No software installation operates as a website and does not require the installation of additional software. This means it is available anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device.

Increasing profitability

Gradual increase in circulation through contact with a fast and secure growing business system.

Payment guarantee

Guarantee of a payment along with serious partners in SEECARGO, as they are verified and secured.

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